A. Energy & Data Division:


  1. Seagon SBG – Innovative TSaaS three layers Smart Building/ Grid's/City's Solutions.

With over 40 percent of the world’s energy consumed by buildings, facility managers and commercial building owners are facing increasing pressure for environmentally friendly, high-performance commercial buildings that are efficient, optimized and sustainable.


Existing commercial buildings are becoming increasingly complex from the technology and operational aspects.  In order to remain competitive, the building facility manager needs to adapt a functional approach enabling continuous achievements and cost effective improvements. There is a great need to implement a sustainable approach in order to optimize the life cycle of building’s systems, aiming to increase profitability and yield to the commercial buildings owner while positioning the building as smart and green building, contributing also to the environment for the benefit of our next generations.


Many types of sensors and systems installed within the building are continuously generating vast quantities of data and the need to collect, store, analyze and combine this data under smart control, monitoring and management system becomes a necessity.


Upgrading the building to such a standard starts with Seagon SBG's TSaaS solutions. Upon implementing the TSaaS, the impact is immediate and reflected as significant savings of building's annual operational costs, mainly by paying much less for the building's electricity, heat/gas, water, sewage, waste utility bills as well as for maintenance and service calls. By implementing the TSaaS, the buildings achieves within a very short term, targeted goals & objectives for environmentally friendly/Green, high-performance, efficient, optimized and sustainable commercial office buildings that earn the name Smart Buildings by transforming a wasteful building into a smart building & saves up to 40% of operating costs.


The TSaaS improves the building’s overall attractiveness as high performance smart building benefitting from:


  • Lower operational costs / Significant money saving
  • Higher building's valuation without having the need to pay upfront for it
  • Ability to increase rent/lease charges from the tenants and yield higher income/profitability on a per square foot basis
  • Improved asset/building's attractiveness, image & reputation 
  • Recognition as a green and sustainable smart building 
  • Opens the possibility of receiving grants from the upgrading
  • High energy efficiency, conservation & recovery as well as energy production/generation, storage and management solution, leading to a much lower emissions footprint 
  • Prepared  to connect and interface with smart city infrastructure
  • APIs for marketing tailored reports & data to Third Party Service Providers
  • Supports next generation Blockchain/Smart Contract P2P Technologies

2. Seagon Renewable Energy Solutions - Innovative and smart Renewable Energy solutions  (PV, Solar Thermal, Wind and Hydropower).


  • Innovative Renewable technologies and solutions
  • Commercial scale PV, Hydro and Wind power generation projects
  • Flexible business model, from Turnkey solution to full BOO/BOOT/BOT
  • High profitability/ROI/fast Payback
  • Proposing full services from entrepreneurship and project development to EPC, financing, installation, commissioning, Management, O&M, compliance & validation

3. Seagon Smart Factory / Plant Solutions – Innovative and smart Factory’s /plant’s digitalization, Industry 4.0 solutions. Harvesting, monitoring and managing smart data from sensors and translating it to key business and process insights to optimize profitability, flexibility and operations.


  • Factory’s /plant’s digitalization
  • Implementing Industry 4.0
  • Allowing smart and flexible products, services and operations
  • Harvesting, monitoring and managing smart data from sensors and translating it to business and process insights
  • Online systems and process commissioning
  • Optimized products, services, opportunities and profitability

B. Water Division:

1. Seagon Water & Energy Solutions – Innovative smart solution for water related plants and/or infrastructures.


  • Energy and data solutions - energy consumption/production, recovery, efficiency, conservation, storage and management, data harvesting and analytics
  • Water plants and/or municipal water infrastructures solutions for water leakage detection and for water supply and operational management​


2. Seagon WTP Solutions – Unique and state of the art wastewater and Sewage treatment solutions.


  • State of the art Wastewater treatment technologies
  • High ROI / fast Payback (<3 years)
  • Up to 80% power savings
  • Substantially lower Life Cycle Costs (LCC)Global market of few hundred billion USD with 9% average annual growth rate


3. Seagon Hydro-Power Solutions – Innovative and state of art micro to small Hydro-Power solutions (up to 2MW per unit).


  • Cutting edge Hydropower technology
  • Production, installation and servicing
  • Flexible business model
  • Unattended micro to small Hydropower sites
  • Fully controlled & monitored remotely
  • 100% green and sustainable energy without changing or damaging waterways/environment


Seagon’s Hydropower Solutions are commonly used in Hydro Applications with:

  • a water level difference between 1.5 to 100 meters
  • a water flow rate of at least 500 liters/second
  • Power range from 15 to 2000 KW per unit


Typically, the sites could be:

  • Natural watercourses
  • River damming with sluices or weirs
  • Sluice on irrigation channels
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Desalination plants Reservoirs & lakes
  • Factories


C. Environmental Solutions Division:


1. Seagon Environmental Solutions – various environmental and sustainability solutions and consultancy services, such as for:


  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) treatment
  • Waste/Sludge to Energy (W2E)
  • Other types of organic and/or solid waste treatments
  • Green and renewable energy production and recovery from various types of wastes
  • Emissions control
  • Toxic and hazardous material handling and treatments
  • Standardizations, regulations and certifications


Waste to Energy:

A close loop system can transfer waste into valuable products:

  • Energy (electricity/heat)
  • High quality fertilizer
  • Water
  • CO2


State of the art biological treatment system can treat solid and waste water:

  • A multistage anaerobic system
  • High rate reactor (low space, high energy output):
  • Fully automatic (PLC controlled)

• Innovative TSaaS three layer Smart Building/Grid/City Solutions.

• Command, Control and Management Center for multi buildings/assets, covering optimized services for;

  • Energy and other Utilities
  • Cyber Security (CSOC)
  • Operations – Watch Engineer – smart event management
  • Predictive maintenance and early fault detection &  prevention

Smart Building/Grid/City Solutions​

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